Deciding what career to pursue when you’re graduating high school or reinventing yourself can be a challenge. But before you can actually make a decision, it’s important to make a list of what aspects of a career you are interested in or drawn to: flexible schedules, job security, working with others, etc. If you say “yes” to all of those qualifications, maybe a career in the beauty industry is right for you! The Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute in Chicago is nationally accredited and has offered esthetician classes to young professionals since 1998. We are proud to offer several perks to new students who express interest in an esthetician license or in a general beauty career.

Quality Education

College education needs to be in-depth and throughout enough to prepare you for a lifelong career, and Estelle’s Chicago esthetician programs are incredibly detailed. Covering a vast array of beauty-related topics, our students gain an understanding of facial and body treatments, waxing, makeup application, business training and more. Our instructors specialize in certain areas and have real-life professional experience, delivering quality education every day.

Engaging, Enjoyable Experiences

What is education without application? Estelle has an in-house student spa in which our esthetician students gain practical experience putting their education to work; all these services — from facials to skincare treatments and hair removal — are performed by supervised students. You have the opportunity to get hands-on experience before you even graduate, and can interact with clients on a daily basis. Estelle creates a comfortable, enjoyable environment for students to hone their beauty and communication skills.

Flexible Scheduling

Esthetician school is a type of education that is flexible and can work with many different schedules. Estelle’s programs are available on a full-time and part-time basis, with classes on both weekdays and weekends; this gives you the opportunity to pursue a stable career in a manner that’s convenient for you. Our estheticians graduate in at little as six months with several certifications in laser treatment, eyelash extensions and more. This career in the beauty industry is feasible no matter what other life situations you have going on.

Solid Career Path & Job Security

Estheticians are able to work in a variety of environments while also creating their own schedules. After graduating from Estelle with your license and certifications, you may find yourself working in a spa or salon, a hotel, in a retail environment, a movie set, or even at your own beauty business. Medical esthetics is also an option, in which you perform skin treatment services under the supervision of a medical professional. All students are also eligible for Estelle’s lifelong job placement assistance program; this is a service that helps new estheticians find job openings and further their careers no matter how long it’s been since graduation.

Still Unsure? Contact Estelle & Take A Free Tour

Attending esthetician school is a rewarding experience that can lead you down the path to a lucrative, flexible and enjoyable career. Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute tales great pride in being the go-to education facility for young beauty enthusiasts in the greater Chicago area. Learn more about our programs online right now and schedule your own no-obligation campus tour!