1. This School Will Open a Lot of Opportunitys for You

    I graduated 3 months ago from Estelle skin care & spa institute ... I had a great learning experience , everybody was professional, helpful and nice .. This is one of the best things I have ever done in my life... This school will open a lot of opportunitys for you and I highly recommend it ....…Read More

    Lama Ibrahim
  2. Thanks to Everyone at Estelle!

    I graduated from Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute in February 2015 and I was able to get a job right away! I worked at Ayana Med Spa in Glenview. Recently I relocated to to the upscale Fringe Spa in Wicker Park. Come visit me to treat yourself to a facial service, I would be very happy to have you and you can see for yourself what I learned at Estelle. I also wanted to add that all my friends f…Read More

    Nina Varma
  3. Highly Recommend

    I attended and graduated from this excellent school. It has prepared me very well for my profession and taught me everything I need to know for the future. I would highly recommend it to everyone who is interested!…Read More

    Ania Jakubas
  4. More Confident to Take Care of Clients

    I'd like to thank Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute for the support and make there student more confident to take care of Clients, to make them more beautiful because of the knowledge we learn from the school we're always having a satisfied clients thank you very much.…Read More

    Rhodora Gutierrez
  5. My teacher is AMAZING!

    My teacher is AMAZING! I love you Muna. She make sure her students get everything we need to SUCCEED! I don't think anyone could ever take her place. She's compassionate and doesn't play! This woman is a blessing to our school. Thankful God Placed me with such great people.…Read More

    Shawntale Gabriele
  6. Great Esthetic School

    Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute is a great esthetic school in the Chicagoland . This institution has prepared me for a highly thriving business and beauty career.…Read More

    Glenora Luz
  7. Very Experienced, Professional  and Knowledgeable

    I took a CE Eyelash Extensions Class at Estelle and was very pleased with the whole experience. The class was very informative! Our instructor Kristina is very experienced, professional  and knowledgeable. It helped me to become a successful Lash Artist and I highly recommend lash trainer Kristina if you’re looking for a quality lash extension training, also very affordable.…Read More

    Egidija Juska
  8. I Can Only Thank Estelle

    I graduated the skin care and spa institute In 2011 and my mother graduated in 2006. It was one of the best decisions we’ve both made in order to further our careers. We both are now proud owners of our own space and I can only thank Estelle for their hands on teaching and working with us even after graduating to accomplish our goals.…Read More

    Lash Luxe
  9. This School is Incredible

    This school is incredible it gives great knowledge, like no other.  Very professional team of teachers. I have graduated Estelle school 1.5 years ago, but before i worked as esthetician in  Europe for 14 years so i can assess the level of education in Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute.…Read More

    Oksana Kravchuk
  10. Start Your Career With This School

    Good school, professional teachers,  flexible hours. They give a lot of knowledge and skills for a students. Can't say more. If you want to be professional,  just start your career with this school.…Read More

    Igor Kostyuk