Esthetics in a Medical Setting

Our Corrective Esthetics training prepares students to work in a medical setting*

What is Corrective Esthetics?

Corrective Esthetics is part of our exclusive Estelle curriculum and refers to the skin care services that may be performed by a technician in a medical setting under the supervision of a physician. You may also see it called clinical esthetics, medical aesthetics training, or advanced aesthetics training.*

Why is this important to me?

  • We include our exclusive Corrective Esthetics training in our Esthetics program which means you won’t pay extra beyond your normal tuition!
  • Receive a Corrective Esthetics Certificate in addition to your Esthetics Diploma
  • You’ll be more marketable to employers
  • Learn advanced procedures and techniques
  • Learn how to open your own business

Below is just a sampling of the Corrective Esthetics education that we include in our Esthetics program at no additional tuition cost.

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