The demand for customized skincare services in the United States has mushroomed over the past decade. Due to the growth in specialized skincare services and beauty treatments, the number of licensed estheticians in the country is expected to show a 10-year increase of 40% by 2022. A certified and licensed esthetician’s ability to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry hinges upon their successful completion of a comprehensive, educational esthetics program that is recognized nationwide.

Identifying the Top Esthetician Programs

With hundreds of esthetician schools to choose from in the United States, prospective students must carefully evaluate all options and choose a beauty school that optimizes their chances of securing gainful employment in an esthetician career after graduation. One of the best ways to narrow the field down to the very best esthetician schools is to seek one with a nationally accredited curriculum. Below is a look at the key challenges facing prospective students and the top 10 benefits of attending a nationally accredited esthetician school here in Chicago.

What Are the Top Concerns of Prospective Esthetician Students?

Selecting a top-notch esthetician program is a process that should be undertaken with time and care. With the tuition of esthetician school costing thousands of dollars, potential students must choose one that meets their educational needs and addresses their key concerns. Below are some of the top concerns facing prospective esthetician students:

  • Choosing a beauty college with an outstanding industry reputation
  • Finding the money to pay for tuition and related school expenses
  • Attending an esthetician school that offers a challenging curriculum
  • Being able to successfully meet esthetician licensure requirements
  • Securing gainful employment in an esthetician career following graduation
  • Receiving ongoing support before and after program completion

How to Eliminate Concerns by Attending an Accredited School

The best way to put the concerns outlined above to rest is to enroll in an esthetician school that is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). NACCAS-accredited schools are held to a higher quality standard and employ ongoing strategies to ensure that students receive the highest level of education and support. The top 10 benefits of attending a nationally accredited esthetician school are as follows:

1) Qualified students may be eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Accredited esthetician schools offer students financial benefits that non-accredited schools are not able to provide. The most significant financial benefit of attending an accredited beauty academy is the availability of federal loans and grants*. Private loan providers may also give preference to students attending an accredited beauty school.

2) A rigorous curriculum.

In accordance with their accreditation, NACCAS schools must meet or exceed national educational performance standards. Accredited esthetician schools meet this requirement by developing a robust curriculum that is typically more comprehensive than that of non-accredited schools. They are more apt to possess state-of-the-art technology and fully equipped esthetics training classrooms.

3) Superb program completion rates.

Students who attend accredited schools are more likely to complete all program requirements. In fact, some NACCAS-accredited schools boast 100% student completion rates. This is often due to the high levels of support that instructors and staff offer to students.

4) Excellent instructors and support staff.

Accredited beauty schools are more apt to invest in experienced teachers to ensure that students grasp and retain the course material presented in their esthetician classes. In addition to talented instructors, the support staff at accredited schools is highly trained to help ensure that students remain engaged in their coursework from the day that they begin their classes until they complete their esthetician program requirements.

5) Outstanding licensing exam pass rates.

As a result of their completion of a robust curriculum, students who attend accredited beauty schools like ours enjoy superb esthetician licensing exam pass rates. Accredited schools have a vested interest in ensuring that students pass their licensure exams, and are therefore likely to provide ongoing support to students as they complete their coursework.

6) Improved chances of securing employment after graduation.

Many employers actively seek job candidates who completed their education at accredited schools. They recognize that graduates of accredited schools completed rigid course requirements and are apt to be well-prepared for employment. Students from accredited beauty schools therefore often have a competitive edge over graduates from their non-accredited counterparts.

7) Recognition by the U.S. Department of Education in all U.S. states.

When students graduate from an NACCAS-accredited school, they can take comfort in the fact that they completed their education at a school that is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency. This is helpful for experienced estheticians and recent graduates alike who must relocate from one state to another.

8) Ongoing job placement support.

Students who complete their training at accredited beauty schools receive an outstanding level of ongoing job placement assistance in their esthetician career. This ongoing support is particularly beneficial to estheticians who must seek a new job at any point throughout their careers.

9) A genuine concern for students.

Historically, accreditation has served as the most reliable indicator of a school’s dedication to integrity and quality education for its students. Administrators, teachers, and support staff all share the common goal of ensuring that students feel welcome and motivated to succeed in an esthetician career.

10) Recurring quality evaluations.

NACCAS-accredited schools are re-evaluated every six years to ensure that they continue to meet outlined requirements. If a school exhibits deficiencies during an evaluation, the school must promptly address those problems. Failure to correct identified deficiencies can result in a withdrawal of the school’s accreditation.

Final Considerations for Prospective Students

Clearly, there are many reasons to choose a nationally accredited esthetician school in Chicago. From an enhanced curriculum to improved chances of finding a job in the skincare industry, the benefits of accreditation are numerous and lasting. By narrowing your search to include accredited esthetician programs, you can increase your chances of prospering as a licensed esthetician after you graduate.

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* = Federal financial aid is available to those who qualify.