The beauty industry can be an ideal career if you find yourself drawn to various aspects of self-care and self-improvement: painting nails, hairstyling, makeup artistry, etc. But aside from turning your hobby into a lucrative career, pursuing an esthetician education and certification can lead to high job satisfaction and a stable work-life balance. Instructors at the Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute are always looking for new students who want to make a name for themselves, and are helping those on the fence determine if an esthetician career is right for them!

Natural People-Person

Working in the beauty industry is 100% client-facing — this means there is no room to avoid interacting with new people. If you consider yourself a natural people-person, a social butterfly, or if you are comfortable meeting and greeting new clients, then pursuing an esthetician license is ideal. In this career, and other beauty industry careers, you will be helping men and women achieve their ideal outward persona and help increase their self-confidence. It’s all about making sure your clients are comfortable and satisfied with their new looks. Being charismatic, conversational and approachable is critical to an esthetician’s success, as it can help one attract and retain repeat customers.

Passion For Helping Others

We touched on this above, but becoming an esthetician is all about helping clients renew their skincare routines and achieve their ideal aesthetic looks. From the time a customer comes in for their first skin consultation, to when they receive their skincare treatment, an esthetician needs to be focused entirely on what each patient needs. Everyday clients come to you for help with minimizing their blemishes, managing their insecurities, or just maintaining their own personal image. Thus, it’s important for those interested in this area of the beauty industry to be passionate about helping others pursue the right course of action in order to achieve their aesthetic dreams.

Interest In Cosmetics & Skincare

Estheticians are essentially skin specialists — they help clients by identifying any potential cosmetic issues and the performing treatments to counteract or circumvent those issues. These treatments can include things like:

  • Makeup application
  • Facials and masks
  • Waxing
  • Skin conditioning
  • Skincare regimens
  • Blemish extraction
  • Laser treatments

This field is quite expansive, and can even lead to a career offering skincare services in a medical setting. If you have prior experience with any aspect of an esthetician’s work, or are interested in learning more about the application, then this type of career is perfect for you. An educational institution like the Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute helps students hone their skills in all the areas above as well as eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading. This is your chance to learn more about enhancing the appearance of both yourself and your clients.

Independent Entrepreneur

Perhaps one of the most valuable and sought-after components of an esthetician career are the flexibility and independence. When you graduate with your certification(s), you’re able to work in a variety of places (spas, salons, hotels, movie sets, etc.) or even start your own business and work for yourself. This type of career is ideal if you are seeking variety in your workday or are up for the challenge of being an entrepreneur. Freelance work is also more than possible as an esthetician, coupled with the ability to choose your own schedule and even job placement assistance.

Pursue Your Beauty Education With Estelle

If you find yourself “checking off” any or all of these traits, contact Chicago’s own Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute for more information on classes, registration, and free tours. With both part-time and full-time classes available, and a constantly updating curriculum, Estelle is committed to helping young beauty professionals realize their career dreams. Join our national-accredited program today!