If a career in the beauty industry seems right up your alley, then it’s time to get to work! It’s important to carefully consider where you want to pursue your education and to evaluate all the beauty schools and programs available. Several items, from the curriculum itself to the location, will have an impact on your career opportunities and future success. To help you become the best professional you can be, the Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute is breaking down a few important things to keep in mind when choosing a beauty school

Determine What Programs Are Available

The best place to start is with the education system itself. As an aspiring professional, you need to determine which subsection of the beauty industry interests you the most: cosmetology, nail care, esthetician services, etc. Choosing a beauty college or academy that offers a specialized program for your chosen field sets you up for success immediately. The Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute, for example, is a nationally accredited establishment that specializes in esthetician programs.

Analyze The Curriculum As A Whole

What do you look for most in a beauty education program? All new students need to compare their own personal learning styles and aspirations to how schools approach education. Attractive factors could include small class sizes, an in-house clinic where students can practice on clients, for state-of-the-art systems to study with and enhance your skills. At Estelle, we are proud to offer all esthetician students corrective education at no extra cost, business education, and lifelong job placement assistance. Our graduates not only leave with an expansive education, but job security and various certifications as well.


How Does Their Scheduling Work?

You deserve to get the most out of beauty school and should absorb as much information and as many experiences as possible. All colleges and academies you have your eye on should offer scheduling opportunities to fit a wide variety of student situations. When do classes start? Can they work with full and part-time schedules? What if the only time you have available is on the weekends? Make sure any school’s program is a good fit for your busy schedule.

Is The Environment Comfortable?

The one true way to know for sure if any beauty school is right for you is by visiting the campus in person. Look for establishments that offer free, no-obligation tours and book one as soon as you can; this will put you into a student mindset and allow you to test whether you’ll like the campus or not. The environment needs to be conducive to your own learning style and motivate you to further your career and learn all you can. Tours — or visiting a school’s in-house salon — give you an idea of what a school places value on, how it works, how classes are structured, and how students learn. In fact, you can schedule your own tour of Estelle today!

Carefully Evaluate & Go With Your Gut

After considering all these factors, you should have two or three top choices for where to pursue your education in beauty. Always choose the candidate with the most benefits — both during and after your education — and the most comfortable environment; this will help you both acquire the tools and skills you need, and find your place in the job market as soon as possible after graduation. Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute offers interested estheticians everything from flexible scheduling to helping find employment after graduation. To learn more about our program enrollment, contact us today!